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Taste Key
All wines are classified according to taste, indicated by the Taste Key
White & Rosé Wine
This is ranked from (1) to (9) indicating dry to sweet.
(1) is very dry, while (9) is very sweet.
Red Wine
This is ranked from (A) to (E) indicating light to full bodied.
(A) is very light, while (E) is full bodied.
Delivery Costs
Delivery costs are is free.
Minimum order is one case of wine. A case holds approximately 9 litres of bottled wine. This may be made up of a selection of your choice.
You could make up your case from 12 x 75cl bottles, or 6 x 1.5 litre bottles, or you could mix 6 x 75cl bottles with 12 x 37.5cl bottles.