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JAMES FEARON WINES is an Independent Wine Merchant carefully selecting and shipping wines from all over the world. We are the trading Wine Division of our parent company, Joseph Keegan & Sons Limited, who are a family owned business established over 130 years ago in 1881. We provide a personal, flexible and comprehensive service to all our Customers.

We supply Restaurants, Bars, Pubs and Hotels across North Wales so if you are opening a new venue, or indeed you have an already established licensed business we would be pleased to hear from you to discuss your wine requirements.

Last updated:  07 Jul 2024

Our Wines

We stock over 550 quality wines ranging from budget "New World" Chardonnays to Vintage Clarets from Bordeaux. All wines are classified according to taste - Whites are numerically classed from 1 (Dry) to 9 (Sweet) and Reds A (Light Bodied) to E (Full Bodied).

Wines are delivered to the door of any UK address within 48 hours!

Each of our producers is fully vetted before being added to our approved Supplier list and continued inclusion is only guaranteed year on year if the quality of wine supplied meets our high standards. We continually endeavour to respond to the ever changing wine world and we regularly 'fine tune' our selection, delisting wines that have either gone out of fashion or simply no longer in demand. Consequently you can be assured our range includes the best and most popular wines available in the market.

In an age of global brands and supermarket dominance, the emphasis at James Fearon remains focused strongly on each Customers' individual needs. Our own independence provides us with flexibility, both in terms of the service we offer and the range we carry, which we believe to be second to none.